The First Medical Grade

Portable Sauna Tent

Doctor led design to produce a patented medical grade portable steam sauna that is backed up by independent third party safety certification
Runitude Portable Sauna Tent With Female Model Sitting Inside SteamRunitude Portable Sauna Tent With Female Model Sitting Inside Steam

The Hottest Portable Sauna Tent

Unlike other portable steam saunas on the market that have a large tent design, we have made a more compact pop up tent that is not only easier to put-up, but paired with our powerful 1000W touchscreen steam generator, you get the highest ratio of steam power to tent area kW/m2. This is why our portable sauna can reach hotter temperatures (45°C+) than almost anything else on the market.

I Really Want To Sweat


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    Founded by Dr Michael Gough, MbChb

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    Established in the UK

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    We back up our safety with independent third party certification

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